Top 7 Reasons To Drop a Class

We all have our reasons for dropping a class. After speaking to some of our fellow students, here’s what I’ve gathered to be the top 7 reasons students drop classes.

1. The class is too difficult.

We’ve all been there. You’re having trouble keeping up during the first few lectures so you decide to wait it out and see if it gets any better. If you’re still not understanding the material by the withdrawal date, it may be time to drop the class.


2. You have too large of course load.

Taking on too many classes in the hope that you’ll be able to juggle them all is admirable, but risky. If you feel that you have too many classes and you aren’t able to devote an appropriate amount of time to study for each one, it may be time to drop the class.


3. You still haven’t purchased your textbooks.

You were just getting around to it, right?


4. Your personal life.

If you’re struggling with problems in your personal life and it’s affecting your academics, there is no shame in dropping a class to lighten the load and take care of yourself.


5. You dislike your professor.

Be honest with yourself. As much as the material/content of the class is key, if your professor is not someone you can stand to spend your time and money learning from, it may be time to drop the class.


6. Your professor “dislikes” you.

On more than one occasion, I’ve had classmates say they swear the professor despises them, and only them. If you honestly feel that you just can’t seem to do anything right in your professor’s eyes or meet his or her requirements, it may be time to drop the class.


7. You do not meet the requirements/prerequisites for the class.

It happens to the best of us. You attend every lecture only to realize around Week 4 that you’re not even eligible for the class. Sure, you may blame the registration’s computer system for not denying permission to register for the course, but it goes to show how important it is to pay attention to course requirements.

Keep in mind that you are in control of the choices that you make in regards to your academic career. Only you can decide what’s best for you and whether or not you need to drop a class. If you do decide to drop a class, be sure to do it as soon as possible, before the census deadline. The final day to withdraw is April 22.



About Jasmine Lu

Jasmine is a senior at Cal State Fullerton studying Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. She is currently interning at a public relations agency in Orange County and will be graduating in Spring 2011. She has received great guidance from the advisement center at the College of Communications and hopes to impart meaningful advice from her experiences.
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